Five Good Things About January

1/ Box sets – you’re broke after Christmas, you can’t be faffed going out, and Celebrity Big Brother just isn’t doing it for you any more. Sit back, crank up the DVD player, surround yourself with snacks, and wallow like a contented hippo at a watering hole.

2/ Snowdrops – I still get as excited as a small child at the mere sight of my first snowdrop. The gardening season is just around the corner and the prospect of killing off a new load of plants with my pitiful horticultural skills is mouthwateringly close.

3/ You know it’ll come to an end eventually. While you’re trudging through it, January feels like it’ll never end. January is God’s way of slapping us around the face with the post-Christmas wet fish of reality, but it’s still only 31 days long folks!

4/ Finishing off the Christmas nibblies and chocolate. Yes, diet gurus, we know we have to start eating brown rice and tofu on the 2nd, but we can’t have good food going to waste now, can we?

5/ Moaning – oh come on, you can be all singy dancey, happy clappy in May, when the sun’s shining, but in the midst of credit card carnage, post Christmas dieting, grey days, divorce, death, disaster, recession, etc etc etc, a whinge fest should be pretty much obligatory, don’t you think?

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