Ashya King’s welfare NOT as important as profit.

Call me cynical but it all comes down to money. Chemotherapy only continues to be used because doctors and pharmaceutical corporations make lots of money from it. You don’t think it actually works do you? Quite the contrary, it poisons the body, robbing it of the ability to heal itself, something it’s designed to do naturally.

At this point I would usually go on to talk about the benefits of a plant-based diet in the fight against cancer, but, as I’m specifically talking about the fate of Ashya King and his family, I’ll rein it in for now.

If, as Ashya’s father did, you go against doctors’ ‘orders’ and dare to question their conventional cancer treatments, you may be threatened with punitive measures. And woe betide you if you dare to seek out alternative and potentially successful alternative treatments for your loved one. You may end up in jail, separated from your sick child and wondering whose side the ‘system’ is on.

Well the ‘system’ only seems to favour those with deep pockets. The right treatment for Ashya may be out there, whether it be proton beam or other alternatives. If money weren’t the prime motivator in the treatment of disease, perhaps the ‘system’ would grant his parents the freedom to explore options which may bring their little boy back to them, cancer-free.


One comment on “Ashya King’s welfare NOT as important as profit.”

  1. You’re absolutely spot on Kath. Chemotherapy is, to me, something that should be avoided if at all possible. God help me if I ever ‘need’ it but I will be asking for high dies vitamin C injections, will be dosing up on green juices and will continue to use my near infra-red sauna in an attempt to kill and heal it in a less sick-inducing manner. There alternatives and I can’t wait until mainstream medicine catches on and catches up.
    Great post x

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