Christmas is cancelled due to lack of interest.


So, I am actually starting to think there may be something wrong with me. I cannot summon up even the slightest interest in Christmas this year.

Call me jaded, but right now I see Christmas as just another manifestation of ‘The Man’. ‘You must consume, and conform to certain behaviours even if you don’t want to’, he growls , as we all dutifully spend more than we need to and eat more than we should. Strained family relationships become even more so under the microscope of Christmas Day, and once it’s all over, what have we achieved? We’re fatter, poorer, and more stressed. That’s it.

Another example; Christmas cards. A load of trees are cut down unnecessarily so we can send people (at great expense I might add, stamps are stupidly expensive), bits of card which just get thrown away anyway. And yes, I know it’s just once a year, and yes, I know it’s nice when you put them all up. But in my zealous, vegan-influenced fervour to conserve as many of the earth’s resources as I can, I just see it as a waste of trees.

And don’t get me started on the fate of all those poor turkeys.

Finally, bloody Christmas has come round far too soon, it doesn’t feel as if twelve months have passed since the last one – I’m simply not prepared. And yes, I know that sounds like an excuse, and it is. But I still stand by the earth’s resources argument even if I can’t get my arse in gear in time.

Am I a lone voice in the wilderness or does anyone agree with me?

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